Software Engineering is an IT discipline that studies the problems and solutions of information system and software development, particularly in the area of enterprise-level software applications. Many studies have reported that software development projects usually have merely 20-30% chance of success, and the problem has continued to haunt many software engineering teams for past 4-5 years despite the several advancements in the field. Many entrepreneurs and experts in both private enterprises and universities around the world have been trying to solve this problem by suggesting new approaches and tools.

However, no matter how many research works and promising solutions have been proposed, improved results are yet to be manifested.

Acknowledging the aforementioned problems, Thailand Practical Software Engineering (TPSE) has been established by academic and industry experts who have had extensive hands-on experience working in many software and information system development projects in Thailand. Using Assumption University as the hub of its activities, the academy aims to help facilitate software development practitioners and researchers to exchange information, knowledge, experiences, and research works that are useful to information technology system development in Thailand. In particular, the academy aims to become a training and development center that provides series of training courses by experts who are professional consultants and practitioners from reputable organizations such as Software Park, Microsoft, IBM, Agoda, Nokia Thailand, Thomson Reuters, True, BridgeAsia, Odd-e, Proteus-Agility, EmetWorks, Prontomarketing, AIIT and PKT that will help trainees gain better understanding of real world experience. This also includes contributions from various other software engineering communities such as Agile66 and WeLoveBug.